Millennium Hobbies & The Gundam Kitchen host events weekly and monthly

Upcoming build days and classes

April 21st, 2018

Hang out and build with your fellow builders and who knows who will show up (maybe Noel with a K color demo:)


Previous Classes

Weathering class

Photo class

Diorama class

Wednesday Game Nights

X-Wing, Star Wars Legion, Wargammer Tanks, Flames of War, Infinity, Aristeia, Krosmasters, Bolt Action, Malifaux, and Gundam Skirmish. Join our Facebook group gkgaming so you can arrange a game or demo before hand.

Gundam Skirmish

Gundam Skirmish
The game created:
City game table is open for play (first come first served) any business day. Games take roughly 1 hours so come at least 2 hours before closing. Study rules and directions @


Gunpla Potluck

Join us for the Gunpla Potluck. Hang out and talk all things mech related. Bring your projects and finished work to The Gundam Kitchen or start building a whole new kit. Share tips and tricks and get inspiration. From 6pm to 9pm. April 28th 2018

Here is a review of one of our events from

Gunpla Potluck is usually last Saturday of the month.








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