Gundam Skirmish tournament 

We just did a test run of the objective based 3v3 Gundam Skirmish.  We have decided to scrap the 3v3 and just go off of 1200 point objective based game with a turn cap.  Remeber weapons count in your 1200 points.  The objective base game will be “domination” style.  We will have 3 areas to try to control.  At the end of the turn cap which ever team holds the most objectives wins the game.

If you haven’t played before and want to try a game out before Saturday, bring a freind and get a practice game in.  The table is always available for play and there are plenty of models ready to use in store.  (Remeber games take about an hour, not including preparing your sheets)


This will be our first 2-day event, SATURDAY 2-4-17 and SUNDAY 2-5-17
Please comment if you would like to participate in any competitions, so I have an idea of attendees

Monday Jan 30th to Feb 4th, 20% off Airsoft and 15% off Mini-z product
Saturday Feb. 4th, 10% off store wide (cannot be combined with any other discounts)
Sunday Feb. 5th, 20% off Mini-z product


12-5pm: Gundam Skirmish tournament 3 v 3 with objectives to make the game play move faster

6pm: SD Blind (no instruction) Build Off competition (bring nippers if you would like). Cost will be $5. This was a lot of fun last year with the winner completing the build in 7 minutes 11 seconds. (it is very important that I have an accurate idea of participants so I can prep the kits, please comment if you would like to participate in the SD Blind Build Off)

7pm: Judging for Zaku (any scale) or Beargguy building competition. This is a build at home and bring in your finished work competition. There will be separate judging for Zaku and Beargguy. Pieces will be judged on aesthetics, build quality, and creativity by participant. In case of a tie I will be the tie breaking judge.

9pm: Raffle drawing for Dendrobium or your choice of one in store item. Cosplayers will receive one free raffle ticket. Raffle tickets will be on sale for $1 starting Monday Jan 1st. You do not have to be present for drawing, just be sure your name and phone number are clearly written on raffle ticket, and you are available to answer the phone at the time of the drawing. In the case that a phone call is required I will make 2 attempts at the time of the drawing and if no one answers I will drawl another ticket.

We will also have our normal Potluck table set up to display your recent models or ones you are most proud of


11-1pm: First Millennium Hobbies Swap Meet. Those who have a crazy back log that they would like to reduce or trade can sell and trade. Even older kits you have built but no longer want have value to someone that needs parts for a kit bash. Also, other anime related items such as manga, anime, and figures can be sold and traded. If you are selling more than 5 items there will be a $2 table fee. There is no charge to shop

1-5pm: Mini-z race. Want to do a small winners pot for the race, so it will be $5 to race and I will match the winning pot with instore credit. We will use a point system over several races to determine a winner. Make sure you charge at least one set of batteries.