Rx-78-2 revive Build Off


We will be having a custom build competition involving the iconic Rx-78-2, to celebrate 35 years of Gundam.  The revive HG Rx-78-2 will be the kit for the competition, but if you already have an older HG Rx-78-2 you can use it for the competition .  If you do not buy the kit from The Gundam Kitchen entry into the competition will be $4.  Kit bashing and all kinds of customizations are welcome as long as it is obvious that the rx-78-2 is the basis of the kit.  Kits will be due and judged (by fellow builders) on February 6, 2016 at the anniversary party for the store (more to come on that event).  So start building now because 6 weeks go by in a blink of an eye.

Small, but really cool shipment


Finally found a good source for pbandai, so hopefully more coming soon.  #DryonIII

3rd party PG LEDS with more features then OEM.  More light actions, remote, motion sensor, and Mini SD slot for adding music.  Powered by USB or cordless phone battery.  Remote uses cr 2025 battery

Crazy “United Sword” from a Dragon Momoko
And the Drei Zwerg