Kit Bash

Kit bash Beargguy and Z'gok

Kit bash Beargguy and Z’gok AKA Z’gguy

Kit bashing is the perfect way to bring your creativity to Gunpla.  Think about your favorite mobile suits then merge them into an all new suit or use parts to bulk up the armor of your favorite mobile suit.  Ideas are boundless and the internet is great place to get ideas from.


Sourcing parts:

Ask friends for any broken kits

Flea markets and Ebay

Other toys and models can be used for part, especially military kits



Pieces will most likely not snap fit like a stock Gundam so cement, putty, and rotary tool may be needed.  Planning on how you want things to fit together and if they will need to be painted different colors (since simply removing a part to paint will not be an option once glued).



When mixing several kits together it is very hard to visualize paint schemes.  I like to prime all the parts so that I see a clean pallet.  After that your imagination can dictate color schemes.